What our clients have to say

What our clients have to say!!

Ajo & Susan- Nedumencavu (Indonesia) -2014


 ANVIN is great to work with, they ensures that we are satisfied and promptly updated about the project status. He was successful in fixing any problems and addressed our concerns efficiently. If you are looking for a contractor you can trust, keeps things transparent and within budget throughout the build, Anvin is highly recommended.

Mr.Kuriakose - Adoor     (Good Work, Very Co-operative, Within the Budget)  -2014

  I had requested Anvin for the design and construction of a 2 floor Commercial Building in Adoor. At present the project construction is at a finishing stage. Both the Design and the Construction was very Economical and very much within the Budget. The construction is much to our great satisfaction in which the actual final budget turned out to be much less than the expected budget. Since i am a teacher and was worried about how the work would be carried on during the time of my absence, ANVIN constructions have had Professional Engineers along with Site Supervisors on site to ensure that the work was carried on with Perfection without any delay which did put my mind at ease. The design of the Building was also very economical in which maximum utilization of the space was acquired. Thanks to ANVIN,I was able to get this project into the present stage so far. 

Mr.T.Oomen Jacob(Dubai)-Site–Adoor (Good Design and Execution,Fast and Trusty) -2013


ANVIN Design and Constructions have done an excellent job in designing and executing the landscape project and Outhouse Project within short period of time for my newly built home. The outhouse which is 350sq.ft was finished within 20 days and the landscape was done within 2 weeks time just before an important event  as per my request. Thanks to Anvin, the landscape was executed with above expectations very neatly and beautifully in my absence. Even after the execution, the maintenance have been kept accordingly very neatly for the past six months of my absence. 

Mr.Ravoof-Adoor     (Good Design, Very Co-operative) - 2013

Anvin Architecture have done 3 Projects for me in Adoor. They outperformed my expectations in each projects. There designs vary from classic style Architecture all the way to today’s Contemporary style which was satisfactory. Their works are very neat and always completed under deadline.I had a great customer experience and is still continuing a very good relationship with them for my future and ongoing projects.

Ajo C. Thomas (Kuwait) -Adoor     (Good Work, Very Co-operative, Within the Budget)-2012


Almost one year back I had requested ANVIN Design and Constructions to do a small Renovation work at my home in Adoor. Having my elderly parents alone at home, they were very friendly, cooperative and the most part was that my parents did not find any difficulty or disturbances in their daily routine. The works were carried out with expertise till the end on time and was within the budget.

Navami Saji (Dubai) - Choorekodu - 2012


Since I know Mr.Vinish (my student) from childhood, when it came about my Home Design, I approached him First. 

They designed a Good Traditional style house according to my concept which matches perfectly for my area and requirements in a very short period of time.

Due to this, I was able to Start the work before returning back to UAE and the work is going succefully. 

Mr.K.C.Chandy  (Plankamon)   (Effective,Economical and Professional) - 2010


My home was constructed about 10 years back and about 2 months ago I came to a leakage problem. I had consulted a few people and was told that the roof tiles might have to be removed in order to fix the leakage problem and then replaced. This did worry me a little because it meant more time and money had to be spent and rainy season had already begun. I then decided to consult Anvin constructions and they came and had a look immediately. I was told that there was no need to remove the roof tiles. Instead they did a study and found a crack in the wall elsewhere which could be the problem leading to the leakage in that particular area. Within two hours time they had fixed the leakage and solved the problem . Now after 2 Months, my Roof is not showing any sign of Leakage even in heavy Rainy Monsoon Season. ANVIN was very efficient, economical and quick in their work which was very satisfactory. 

Bibu Mathew (Oman) - Adoor  - 2010


My site was one that has a lot of difficulties and risks , ANVIN Constructions were the only ones ready to take the risk and do the job. This resulted in the best work in constructing a long compound and Retaining wall. Even though it was a small work comparatively, the amount of risk and effort the team had put in was excellent. I appreciate their team work and quality driven. I would definitely refer to them in the future works. 

Binu Thomas (Abu Dhabi) - Adoor  - 2011


I had undergone a huge problem of water leakage at my home when I came to Kerala with family for a vacation. I was shocked to see the amount of leakage. Since ANVINConstructions is run by my cousin, Mr. Vinish John, I had consulted them and they executed the work very neatly and my water leakage problem was arrested and they  completed a  steel sheet roofing as well within 48hrs.