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Our Services

   We design the most luxurious exterior for your residence, understanding the structure and functionality to create a safe place to bring life to your dream home. Our designs are famous for traditional Kerala, Arabian, Contemporary style with a fusion of European influences.With our years of local and international experience, we have developed a process to provide our clients with a seamless experience when designing and executing their homes.Our Credibility and well-experienced Construction Team with unwavering dedication to produce premium quality, genuinely sustainable and durable buildings assures every client a Stress-Free Construction-Period with Peace of Mind & Durable Buildings.



Architectural Design & Consultancy Options


  Based on the requisite of particulars for the projects by our esteemed clients, we categorise our Options for Architectural Design Services into 3 categories.


Silver Choice

Golden Choice

Diamond Choice



CONCEPTUAL PLAN: Ascertain Client's requirements - Examine Site Constraints & Potential - Design brief for Client's Approval - Site Evaluation - State of Existing Buildings - Analysis the impact of existing or proposed development on its immediate environs - Prepare Conceptual drawings – Rough Estimate


PRELIMINARY DRAWINGS: Site Plan - All floor Plans - Furniture layout Plan - Full Space-Planning

Exterior 3D Views: East side View - West side View - North side View - South side View - Birds Eye View- Estimate of cost.


APPROVAL DRAWINGS: Site Plan - All Floor plans - Roof/Terrace Plan – Elevation - Sectional Details - Location Map - Proposed Positions of well, Septic Tank, Soak Pit & Rain Water Harvesting.


Silver Choice  


SITE INSPECTION :  Our Engineers/Architects will visit the Project at different stages to make sure that the work is being executed as per the Design, Quality & Specifications determinted by our ARCHITECT & CLIENT.


WORKING DRAWINGS: Layout / Setting out Plan: Foundation, Basement, Plinth Beam & Column Footing, Roof Beam

Reinforcement Details:  Column Footing & Column – Plinth Beam – Lintel Beam – Roof Beam & Roof Slab/Sunken Slab, Reinforcement detailed drawing for Septic Tank, Soak Pit and Water Harvesting Tank

Electrical Details: Lighting layout, line distribution as per switches – Electrical Fixtures Details with specifications.

Plumbing Details: Plumbing layout - line distribution – Plumbing Fixtures Details with Specifications.

Joinery Details: Detailed Drawings of Door & Window Frames & Panels with details of Architecture work/Style.

Golden Choice  


  In additional to the Professional Services provided in SILVER CHOICE, the customers selecting GOLDEN CHOICE will receive additional services given below.

INTERIOR DESIGN WORKS : 3D Interior visualization of all Rooms (Three 3D views per room) - Style and colour options – Detailed False Ceiling Plan–Furniture Drawing with Details & Specifications  - Development drawing of Kitchen Cabinets and Equipment with specified details  - Detailed Interior Wood work drawings  - Decorated Wall development – Detailed Bathroom Development drawings - Doorway scheme.


LANDSCAPING : Detailed Landscape Layout Plan with specifications to types of paver, plants, furniture, pathways, etc.-  Lighting Layout plan for landscaped areas  -  Sprinkler and irrigation layout with specifications .


Diamond Choice  


In DIAMOND CHOICE, out Client will enjoy all the comfort and benefits of our Services with Peace of Mind.

The Architect herself will handpick all the Finishing, Fixtures and Decorative Materials for the execution. Additionally, Full-time Supervision will be provided from the Architect’s Office directly throughout the completion of the Project.

  In additional to the Professional Services provided in GOLDEN & SILVER CHOICES, the customers selecting DIAMOND CHOICE will receive additional services given below.

ARCHITECT’S PERSONAL HANDPICKED SELECTIONS ON BEHALF OF THE CLIENT:  The “DIAMOND CHOICE" includes the selection, procurement, and delivery of all necessary Finishing Materials, Furniture, and Interior items. It will also include the selections of Kitchen Furniture and Appliances - Cabinet and soft Furniture 

Floor Coverings (parquet, laminate, etc.) - Decorative and Finishing Materials - Lighting & Plumbing Fixtures - Selection of Room Decoration (carpets, pictures, blinds, and curtains, as well as other interior items) - Home Theatres - Ventilation and Air-Conditioning - Monitoring and Consulting on installation and finishing work performance.

OPTIONAL / ADDITIONAL : Swimming pool Design, Elevator Design


We provide complete harmony and perfect beauty in every detail, from the architectural ensemble to the interior decoration of the house.

SUPERVISION: Full time availability of a Supervisor or an Engineer in site - Regular visit from Lead Architect and Lead Engineer

Turn-Key Constructions


Our Credibility and well-experienced Construction Team with unwavering dedication to produce premium quality, genuinely sustainable and durable buildings assures every client a Stress-Free Construction-Period with Peace of Mind & Durable Buildings. 


Presently We are only taking up Construction projects Designed by our Architect and of those customers who are expecting Durable Construction Materials & Methodology with Good Quality Products for Construction.

There is no specific rates for Construction as the Cost of each Projects will vary widely based on Market Price of Materials, Architectural & Structural Design, Material Specifications and Other Special Requirements.

Kindly Contact us for more details.

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